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Our Past Shows

Duranged – An Evening of one acts by Christopher Durang

The Plays:

Funeral Parlor – A funeral crasher lifts the spirits of a widow by sharing his mourning tips !

Wanda’s Visit – A whacky ex-girlfriend takes a stale marriage on a wild ride.

Kitty the Waitress – A sexy tropical waitress spends her fifth life comforting a gloomy tourist.

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Love and Chaos

Occupy Hallmark by Cassie M. Seinuk:
A man protesting love outside a greeting card store is challenged by an old friend.

Exit Strategy by Tom Moran:
A man attempts to save his relationship with red tape.

Split by Tracey Jane:
A desperate housewife juggles between logic and emotions.

Palomino by Oscar Padula:
A visit to an eccentric ex-lover resolves a couple’s problems from mane to tail!

📸 : Annelene Schulze