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About us

Ali Krasner

Ali is considered French by the Americans and American by the French. She has lived in Paris since 2012, where she has done numerous stage and screen projects.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading literary fiction, chilling in downward-facing dog, and non-ironically consuming gluten-free macaroni and cheese.

Allen Blackwell

Born and raised in Mississippi, Allen is that guy that did that thing. Before getting into acting he used to throw himself headfirst down an ice chute at 140 kmph, also known at the sport of skeleton.

Now he resides in Paris where he is one of the few banjo pickers in the country. He also studies Management and Communications at the American University of Paris and at Keys Acting Studio with the other people on this page.

Christian Starr Lassen

Christian is an American actor and voice artist based in Paris.

In addition to years of experience on stage and screen, he’s pretty awesome at riding horses, got his latest headshots from a guy named Lama at the foot of Mt Everest, and has been known to play the violin… On fire.

Elly Norris

Born in the year of the monkey, Elly Norris is an a midwestern gal who has lived in cheeseland for nearly a decade.

In addition to acting, she considers herself a voice artist and improv aficionado. When she’s not doing something artsy, you can usually find her being manipulated by her small dog, step aerobics, or baking muffins.

Raluca Nechita

Raluca is a direct descendant from Vlad the Impaler himself, which is why she is sometimes referred to as « Dralucula » by close friends.

However vampire blood running thin in her veins, she does step out into the sun as a trilingual actress (English, Romanian, French), children tamer & entertainer and sometimes poet.

Ryan Chidester

An international cowboy of mystery